Voice & conversational interfaces

Find your voice

Many aspects of AI can still seem like far flung futuristic ideas, but we already have many forms of intelligent tech integrated into our daily lives. Whenever you ask Alexa or Siri to book an appointment, or Google Home to order a pizza, things like complex natural language processing and state of the art voice recognition enable these very human types of interaction.


Herein lies a huge untapped opportunity for brands which poses questions:

What does your brand sound like?

How do you connect with your customer in a natural, frictionless way through conversational interfaces?


Does your brand speak human?



75 %

Percentage of households that will own a smart speaker in 2020


The year by which chatbots will be indistinguishable from people

»Are you special?«

»I am smart enough not to answer that question.«
(Siri, 2017)


Ever wondered what your brand’s voice would really sound like or whether it would have a sense of humour?

Conversational interfaces rely highly on a brand's tone, voice and style. Those traits can be adjusted depending on the application's purpose or target group - but they always need a clear character behind them.


That's what our branding guides and frameworks are for. And while challenging the interfaces' technological possibilities of modulating and individualising their output is exciting, we'll never fail to remind them of two unconditional traits: empathy and common sense.

So what do you actually need?

Conversational interfaces break new ground in accessibility and responsiveness.

But unless we clearly identify what our customer needs, how the conversation fits into the entire customer journey and what our brand voice is, AI may not add value to your customer experience.

We know it is hard to keep track of all the opportunities in a fast moving market - that’s where we come into the picture. We develop comprehensive device independent strategies that work for you and your customer.

Our teams of UX designers, creative technologists, writers and interactive developers are working with AI specialists with one aim:

to help your brand find its voice.

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