AI: What marketers need to know

Sex, Lies and AI

SYZYGY Digital Insight Survey 2017


For all its promise in marketing and beyond, AI arrives with fundamental ethical issues in tow. How does our industry address these?


We conducted an international survey on the human side of AI - providing insights of how people feel about AI today, including the emerging emotive and ethical issues. From the ethical dilemmas surrounding driverless vehicles to chatbots pretending to be humans, we investigated the reactions to many moral questions society will end up facing as a ‘smarter’ future takes hold. 


Whether you’re marketing AI or marketing with AI, these insights will help you connect and communicate with your audience in a sensitive, respectful, and human way.


But what does this mean for your future business opportunities?

The main message that your future customers are telling you is that AI is OK, but AI pretending to be human is not.  


We at SYZYGY are all about humanising the technology behind some of our next greatest achievements. Assistants not replicants. WALL-E not Skynet.


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