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AI and Marketing

Sex. lies and AI: How humans feel about AI today


For all its promise in marketing and beyond, AI arrives with fundamental ethical issues in tow. How does our industry address these? How do we respect the privacy, security and wellbeing of humans? We believe in the positive impact of AI to benefit and empower people.

We conducted an international survey on the human side of AI - providing insights of how people feel about AI today, including the emerging emotive and ethical issues.


Whether you’re marketing AI or marketing with AI, these insights will help you connect and communicate with your audience in a sensitive, respectful, and human way.

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AI and Customer Experience

Voice & Conversational Interfaces.


Many aspects of AI can still seem like far flung futuristic ideas, but we already have many forms of intelligent tech integrated into our daily lives. Whenever you ask Alexa or Siri to book an appointment, or Google Home to order a pizza, things like complex natural language processing and state of the art voice recognition enable these very human types of interaction.


Herein lies a huge untapped opportunity for brands which poses the question:


Does your brand speak human?

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AI and Data


The SYZYGY Data & Insights Service


Data is not enough. On it’s own it can be meaningless. True value is derived by interpretation and contextualisation. And that value can be great.


The current mar-tech environment is confusing at best.  But you don’t need to know how to navigate those confusing waters, we will plot your path to deeper customer understanding.


Welcome to SIRIUS, your new north star of marketing effectiveness. 

We will take your legacy systems and turn your data collection into a rich source of insight. A platform ready for the next generation of deep learning marketing optimisation.

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